Using the simple instructions you can tie a perfect knot every time. The Fas-N-Aider works with most hooks and lures. Your line will hold up to its rated weight value, if the knot is tied properly. 

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1. Place the left finger over the trigger but do not press. Hold the feed line under your left finger and palm. Place the lure or hook 'eye' in the Fas-N-Aider.

2.  Feed 10" of line through the eye and wrap it around the Fas-N-Aider. Place the end of the line under the eye cleaner and into the keeper slot.

3. Press the trigger with the left finger. Be sure to hold the feed line with your left thumb. Pull the lure or hook straight out with the other hand. Pull to tighten the knot. Use the line cutter to remove the excess line.


Jimmy Houston is featured on our Demonstration Video. Click Here to watch it.