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Colby's Fas-N-Aider Knot Tyer  

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Price: Only $10.95!




The Fas-N-Aider allows you to use the full weight rating of your line! It was designed to tie many types of lures. It is great when your hands are cold or stiff!

Did you ever loose a BIG fish because of a BAD knot? The Fas-N-Aider ties a perfect knot! Just follow the simple instructions! Download PDF

The Fas-N-Aider is a must for ALL fishermen, young and old. Ties the knot to your hook or lure and also has a funnel to help thread it thru the eye! The knot is similar to a hangman's noose in which the tagline passes thru the center of all the loops. The knot is 100 percent strength of the line! It comes with instruction booklet on how to tie several other knots including a loop knot, snell hooks, and even tie 2 lines together. BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE!!...It even has a built-in stainless steel cutter to trim the excess line. Download Instructions